Copywriting. When all you want are the words, I’ll start from scratch or craft your current text into sharp, lively, and reader-friendly content. By taking the time to learn about your company, I’ll get your message across with more power and clarity. From idea organization to final polishing, your project will contain ideas that resonate with readers.

Brochure design. My  brochures speak volumes. I’ll design pages that capture the style and message of your business. Simple and fresh? Cutting-edge and modern? Classic and clean cut? I will also incorporate your own artwork/images or provide stock and custom photos or graphics. All of my brochures marry text, artwork, and design in a way that best captures your business.

Case Studies. Let your work or services shine through a tightly crafted case study.  Through detailed reporting, I’ll tell the stories of your business, clients, or projects. Each case study will contain the same tone, style, and formatting that we agree on beforehand.

Photography and Media. In addition to original high-resolution photos, I can provide digital video and audio clips as requested.

Excellence in:

  • Feature writing

  • Editing

  • Interviewing

  • Profile crafting

  • Copywriting

  • News writing

  • Brochure design

  • Basic photography